Get an idea of what Rarebit can do.

Get an idea of what Rarebit can do.

I am struggling to make this website work.

I am going to make content, eventually.

Rarebit is an HTML Webcomic Template written in simple and extensively commented code that even an HTML/JS beginner can figure it out, but modular enough that an HTML/JS pro can make it special. Everything is done in HTML and vanilla JavaScript, you don't need Bootstrap or JQuery or anything. Just download the template and plug your comics in.


Are you using Rarebit for your comic?

LET ME KNOW! I want to have a section of the site that showcases comics people are making that use the Rarebit template.

Leave a comment on this site's NEOCITIES PROFILE or email me at and leave a link to your comic!

Who did this?

Rarebit was made by geno7, though he owes a lot to Dannarchy for laying down what would become the skeleton of sections of the project. Check out our personal neocities pages if you feel so inclined.




I'm just going to introduce myself here for now! My name is Adam, I'm 16 and go by he/him pronouns. I'd say that I've been an artist my whole life, but I only stopped being insecure about that like a year ago. I'm trying my best to make comics but I have no work ethic, so you should bully me into working on them.

My stories mostly involve themes of self acceptance and feature LGBT+ characters. I also tend to make confusing and magical worlds, overflowing with metaphores and symbolism, which I know isnt for everyone. I might eventually make poetry, music, or written stories so I'll probably put those on this website too so get hype.